Welcome to our website. We believe that the best way for us to help our clients is to only handle a few types of matters but to handle them very, very well. Gary B. Garland, the founder, often says our practice areas are, “an inch wide and a mile deep.”

We have chosen to visually represent our practice with four pillars, being legal, health, financial, and tax – like all four pillars being necessary to support a roof, if any of those critical four pillars are not solidly in place, a successful retirement is in jeopardy – whether from the ravaging costs of long term care, fights within a family, or inappropriate shepherding of assets which can destroy a well-intentioned retirement plan.

We are one of the only firms in New Jersey (and New York) to engage in “Life Care Planning” – a holistic approach to eldercare which is unique – where we have licensed social workers on staff to help families find, get and pay for good care, while we promote the health, safety, well being, quality of life, and best future possible for the families we work with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families navigate the legal, healthcare and financial, and tax maze. 

Our Vision

Garland Law Offices strives to deliver quality comprehensive estate planning and elder law services for families through an interdisciplinary approach involving coordination of their legal, health, financial, and tax issues through an efficient compassionate interdisciplinary team approach using attorneys, social workers, financial advisors, paralegals, and administrative staff.